14 -15 September, Patras, Greece

ALGOCLOUD 2015 Accepted Papers

  • Georgia Koloniari and Evaggelia Pitoura
    Transaction Management for Cloud-Based Graph Databases

  • Shlomi Dolev and Yin Li
    Secret Shared Random Access Machine

  • Nikolaos Nodarakis, Spyros Sioutas, Panagiotis Gerolymatos, Athanasios Tsakalidis and Giannis Tzimas
    Convex Polygon Planar Range Queries on the Cloud: Grid vs Angle-based Partitioning

  • George Seriatos, George Kousiouris, Andreas Menychtas, Dimosthenis Kyriazis and Dora Varvarigou
    Comparison of database and workload types performance in Cloud environments

  • Efrosini Sourla, Spyros Sioutas, Kostas Tsichlas and Christos Zaroliagis
    ART+: A Fault-tolerant Decentralized Tree Structure with Ultimate Sub-logarithmic Efficiency

  • Marios Kendea, Vassiliki Gkantouna, Angeliki Rapti, Spyros Sioutas, Giannis Tzimas and Dimitrios Tsolis
    Graph DBs vs Column-Oriented Stores: A pure performance comparison

  • Panagiotis Antonellis, Christos Makris and Georgios Pispirigos
    Distributed XML Filtering Using HADOOP Framework

  • Athanasios Naskos, Anastasios Gounaris and Spyros Sioutas
    Cloud Elasticity: A Survey

  • Christos Tselios and George Tsolis
    A Survey on Software Tools and Architectures for Deploying Multimedia-aware Cloud Applications

  • Ikbel Belaid and Lionel Eyraud-Dubois
    Column generation integer programming for allocating jobs with periodic demand variations

  • Shahin Kamali
    Efficient Bin Packing Algorithms for Resource Provisioning in the Cloud

  • Hillel Avni, Shlomi Dolev, Niv Gilboa and Ximing Li
    SSSDB: Database with Private Information Search

  • Andreas Kosmatopoulos, Kalliopi Giannakopoulou, Apostolos N.Papadopoulos, Kostas Tsichlas
    An Overview of Methods for Handling Evolving Graph Sequences