WAOA 2015
17 -18 September, Patras, Greece

WAOA 2015 Accepted Papers

  • Jan Reineke and Alejandro Salinger
    On the Smoothness of Paging Algorithms

  • Nikhil Bansal, Marek Elias, Lukasz Jez, Grigorios Koumoutsos and Kirk Pruhs
    Tight bounds for Double Coverage against weak adversaries

  • Dimitris Chatzidimitriou, Jean-Florent Raymond, Ignasi Sau and Dimitrios Thilikos
    An O(log OPT)-approximation for Covering/Packing minor models of θ_r

  • Bartłomiej Bosek, Dariusz Leniowski, Piotr Sankowski and Anna Zych
    Shortest Augmenting Paths for Online Matchings on Trees

  • Bodo Manthey and Marten Waanders
    Approximation Algorithms for k-Connected Graph Factors

  • Fabrizio Grandoni, Salvatore Ingala and Sumedha Uniyal
    Improved Approximation Algorithms for Unsplittable Flow on a Path with Time Windows

  • Roozbeh Ebrahimi, Samuel McCauley and Benjamin Moseley
    Scheduling Parallel Jobs Online with Convex and Concave Parallelizability

  • Shay Mozes and Eyal Skop
    Efficient Vertex-Label Distance Oracles for Planar Graphs

  • Shun Fukuda, Akiyoshi Shioura and Takeshi Tokuyama
    Nonlinear Buyback Problem with Discrete Concave Valuation Functions

  • Yishay Mansour, Boaz Patt-Shamir and Shai Vardi
    Constant-Time Local Computation Algorithms

  • Eleni C. Akrida, Leszek Gasieniec, George Mertzios and Paul Spirakis
    On Temporally Connected Graphs of small cost

  • Eun Jung Kim, Sang-Il Oum, Christophe Paul, Ignasi Sau and Dimitrios Thilikos
    An FPT 2-Approximation for Tree-Cut Decomposition

  • Sandor Fekete, Kan Huang, Joseph Mitchell, Ojas Parekh and Cynthia Phillips
    Geometric Hitting Set for Segments of Few Orientations

  • Katarzyna Paluch
    Maximum ATSP with Weights Zero and One via Half-Edges

  • Corinna Gottschalk and Britta Peis
    Submodular Function Maximization on the Bounded Integer Lattice

  • Marin Bougeret, Stephane Bessy, Daniel Gonçalves and Christophe Paul
    On independent set on B1-EPG graphs

  • Veerle Timmermans and Tjark Vredeveld
    Scheduling with State-Dependent Machine Speed